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Meet Colm O’Driscoll and Cillian O’Mahony, Co-Founders of SeaSquared Clothing.

This is their story.

This duo are not just looking to provide quality sustainable fashion but they want others to join the SeaSquared Community and help make changes that will make us all live a bit more sustainably. Colm and Cillian are looking to change the way we use items in our daily lives to provide a better future for the planet. They want you to come along on the journey with them. Want to know more about their business and how you can join the journey? West Talk sits down with them (virtually) to find out.

The Beginning:

The two first crossed paths when they were born on the same day in the same hospital! Colm is from Castletownshend, West Cork and Cillian is from Macroom, Cork. The two have been friends since secondary school from facing each other on the field when Skibbereen would play Macroom in the Corn Uí Mhuiri football competition. Both studied at the University of Limerick and quickly found out they worked much better when they were on the same team. Their shared passion for fashion and design made them click instantly. Colm is a UX Product Designer and Cillian works as an Engineer. After their time at UL the two moved on to develop their careers with Cillian moving to London and Colm going to Dublin.

Earlier this year like so many people, they found themselves having to work from home. They met up earlier in the year for a coffee and talked about the change from city life back to West Cork. The biggest thing that came from the conversation was the appreciation for West Cork and the beauty of where they grew up. Colm mentions “When you move away you forget how beautiful it is here and how easy it was to take it for granted growing up”. From this conversation the idea of creating a business that would give back to the environment and community rather than take from it started.

(Inspired by West Cork: The Beacon, Baltimore can be seen on the back of the T-Shirts)

I was interested to know how they came up with the name “SeaSquared” for their brand. Colm says “I know it sounds like something from a movie but I was walking on one of the beaches here in Castletownshend and I was like Colm and Cillian then I thought of C Squared! Sustainability is an important part of the business for us and then from that I thought of SeaSquared and I thought it fitted the business really well”. The logo was designed through the use of Bauhaus design. The idea was to keep it simple through the use of shapes like squares, circles and triangles. They decided that waves would be the main feature of the logo. After trial and error with different shapes they agreed on the streamline aesthetic logo they have today.

From the start, the duo had a clear understanding of what they wanted for SeaSquared. Cillian explains “We didn’t want it to be a business where it’s just a transaction between us and the customer, we want to build a community around the brand of like minded people”. They had a bit more free time from working at home and they decided to start it. Inspired by the West Cork landscape, fashion design and the passion for making a positive impact in the community they began to research how they could make this aspiration a reality.

Sustainability has to be involved in every aspect of the business. From production to packaging, SeaSquared cuts no corners on their mission to stay committed to being sustainable. Inspiration came from clothing that has the ability to be passed down through generations and remain fashionable. SeaSquared wants to see their clothing looking as good as it does when you purchase it today and remains that way in ten or twenty years time.

(Working hand in hand with nature to create high quality sustainable fashion)


To remain sustainable they keep a lower amount of stock to ensure they don’t see unpurchased stock go to waste. They have gone through rigorous measures to find a manufacturer that matches their goal of staying sustainable. The clothing is 100% organic cotton, Vegan friendly and is all made ethically. The wanted their clothing to be high quality also so they worked closely with an embroider in Cork for several months. They spent this time fine tuning the design and colours they wanted for the brand.

The result is top class. The SeaSquared Clothing line is a must have this Christmas. If you are looking for a wardrobe that looks and feels great whilst being eco friendly, SeaSquared is the brand for you.

To ensure that SeaSquared clothing lasts they have tried and tested hundreds of materials where they would place it under extreme conditions for example purposely trying to tear the fabric and placing it through numerous wash cycles in washing machines. They found the most durable material and this is used in all their clothing. When you purchase clothes from SeaSquared it's guaranteed to last.

People will find that SeaSquared Clothing’s packaging isn’t any normal packaging. They have come up with a packaging design that has several uses after you open it. There are guidelines on the packaging on how to re-use it for purposes such as cards and bookmarks. All packaging is 99% recycled.

Quick Fire Questions:

1. Go to song when you open up Spotify?

Cillian: “Location - Dave”

Colm: “Praise the Lord – ASAP Rocky”

2. Favourite holiday destination?

Cillian: “California”

Colm: “San Diego”

3. Top of your bucket list?

Cillian: “Give a TED talk”

Colm: “Do a skydive”

4. Dinner with 3 guests (alive or dead) who is sitting at your table?

Cillian: “Elon Musk, Tupac and Christy Moore”

Colm: “Michael Jordan, Biggie Smalls and Michelle Obama”

Colm and Cillian mentioned all the support they have received since starting this business venture “We cant thank enough the people who have joined us on our journey. People who have got in contact with us, people who want to be involved with the brand and in the future our goal is to give back to everyone who has helped us get to where we are today. We appreciate every one of you and are looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.”

(The latest items from their recent drop)

The Future:

SeaSquared isn’t any normal clothing brand. Where most brands seek profit, SeaSquared seeks making positives changes to the environment and creating a community that anyone can be a part of. In the future they will be expanding their product line. They also hope to be involved in projects that help communities and the environment for the better. This isn’t a business it’s a community of people making changes that will leave the world in a better place than when they found it.

SeaSquared launched last Friday and have big plans for the future. Keep a close eye on this business as they grow. I’ve no doubt they are going to make a positive impact on West Cork and the world.

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Finally Cillian and Colm wanted to add that if there are any business owners out there that want advice on how to make their business more sustainable to get in contact with them. They are more than happy to share their ideas and knowledge.

SeaSquared wants you to join them on their journey for a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m in, are you?

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